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Hi. I'm Sourabh Pateriya.

I'm a UX/ Interaction Designer with experience of working in flagship and advanced R&D projects in areas of voice interface, augmented reality, eye-tracking, sociable robot, web and smartphone.

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Samsung's Bixby

Worked at Samsung HQ, Seoul South Korea and contributed to designing of new voice interface

Human Connector

App to let anyone interactively attend events remotely. Done at National University of Singapore and IDC IITB

Light Waves

A way for the audience to interact with the live lights during concert

Browny : The Dog

An Arduino based robo dog which shows affection by wagging tail

Virtual Holi

Playful installation to educate about water wastage during Holi festival

Flexible Work-Space

Created flexible workspace to improve work-life balance in IAD, TUD Germany


Digital illustrations done in Photoshop/ Illustrator

"Think of good blend of technology and design, that's where I belong.
The power of technology fascinates me and my work strives to share that fascination with others.
I aim to blend complex technologies with simplistic and delightful design."


Design Skills : User Research, Affnity Mapping, Concept Design, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, User Centered Design Process (UCD), User Interface Design (UI), Service Design, User Experience Design (UX), Interaction Design (IxD), Voice User Interface (VUI), Sound Design, User Testing (Usability, A/B, Surveys)

Prototyping Skills : Adobe Creative Suite; Balsamiq, Sketch, InVision, Principle, HTML/ CSS, Unity, ARKit/ ARCore, Processing, Arduino, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office Suite, Sayspring, Logic X, Ableton

...things not in my Resume

I can be seen producing music and hooked to sci-fi movies during weekends and free time. Dinosaur is my favourite animal.♥
I perform live and compose for progressive metal band AfterLife.
Recently started an Electronica project called BlueNucleus.
Capturing moments by Hyperlapses, Drones and Action Camera is one of my hobbies. Marshall 100Watt amp comes handy when I'm covering songs on guitar.


Master of Design in Interaction Design from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay (2012-14)

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from JEC Jabalpur (2007-11)


3 Granted Patents in the area of intelligent voice agent and futuristic smartphones


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