Ex-Tra (Experience Tracker)

A platform independent application which is capable of gathering, structuring and augmenting our memory.

Guided by Prof. Ravi Poovaiah at IDC, IIT Bombay
Group Project, Members : 3

What is "Ex-tra" ?

  1. • Ex-tra is a system which helps your improve your daily experience.
  2. • It tracks your daily activities and learn through it.
  3. • Gives smart/intelligent suggestions according to your likes & dislikes.
  4. • Learns from twitter & public feeds and suggest accordingly.
  5. • Recognize graphical text & translates into your preferred language automatically.
  6. • Helps you maintain your expenses.
  7. Ex-Tra is independent of devices. It can be used on modern smart phones or tablets as apps and has the potential to expand on any new devices.

    Problem Statement

  9. • Our lives are made up of the different experiences that we come across over time.
  10. • Many times these experiences are relative to each other in such a way that an earlier event affects a future experience.
  11. • Is there a way to improve our experience by creating a system which provides smart and intelligent feedbacks or suggestions after learning our preferences from our past experiences?


  13. • We created multiple mind-maps to completely capture the problems and possible solutions.
  14. • After mapping them, different mockups were made in Balsamiq, and we also used the paper prototyping method.
  1. Ex-tra translating Sign board written in Marathi to English and saving it for the future references also adding Auto-Rickshaw charges to monthly expenses.


  3. • Ex-Tra is intelligent to keep record of most of your activities. By using its senses and algorithm it can give you suggestions.
  4. • It can automatically initiate the part of program depending on the condition, without any click.
  5. • Small Buffer is allocated to track images and audio data that can be processed internally.

    Future Scope

  7. It can be expanded to products like Google Glasses which can leverage and continue building its smart data. It can also be an independent device which can be fitted in cars, museums etc. which in turns connects to your smartphone and improve yours experience there.



  9. • Playlist Suggestion
  10. • Budget/ Expense Calculator
  11. • Text Detection/Auto event Organiser ( Language Detection )
  12. • Time/Duration
  13. • Who else is going suggestions
  14. • Speed Detection
  15. • Book Suggestions
  16. • Face Detection
  17. • Place Hangouts suggestions
  18. • Automatic Check-ins


  20. This video will show you how it is going to help you out