Social Media for Politics

A social media focussed to create awareness for politics, politicians and engage people in political discussions.

Guided by Prof. Ravi Poovaiah at IDC, IIT Bombay
Project 2 (Duration : September'13 - December'13)


  1. There is a bridge between the reach of people and leaders. Very few people know about their leaders and about the political issues happening around. There is lack of political education. The first focus of this project is to aware people about whom are they voting. Even when politicians come into power, many of them misuse it. Huge scams are the result of such irresponsibility towards the faith of people, and when people try to get information, there are very less touch-points. Lack of accountability and transparency in the system is making it difficult for people to get answers.


    1. Website is taken down for further improvement after 3 months of testing.
  1. Screenshot from high fidelity Prototype, showing the visualization of political activities

    How it Works ?