Flexible Workspaces

A three-week project during which the complete UCD process was followed to provide solutions to the identified problems.

Under Institute of Ergonomics (IAD), Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
Internship Project (P1)

What is "Work Life Balance" ?

  1. • Satisfaction and good functioning at the work and home with a minimum of role conflict
  2. • The proper prioritization of work and lifestyle

    Flexible Workspaces (FWS)

    1. • Supporting the balance between work, relationships, health, spiritual and personal interests
    2. • Maximising the productivity at work
    3. • Creating healthy and aesthetic spaces that can enhance the quality of work done

      Project Brief

    5. • Need identification and subsequent design intervention through the concept of “Flexible Workplaces” in the IAD context

      Process Followed


      Existing Scenario and Arrangement

    9. Complete Solution with complete details is not uploaded here because of the privacy concerns, you can contact me directly for further discussions or clarifications. I've touched the important points like the process followed and a glimpse of the solution.
  1. In detail, steps followed were; Research (Primary : Contextual Enquiry of employees, Secondary), Insight Generation, Scenarios, Observations, Finalizing Design Brief and Problem Statement, Persona Building, Creating real scenarios, Assumptions, Requirement Gathering, Early Explorations, Idea Generation, Finalizing Solution, User Reviews and Testing, Improving.
  2. Solution consists of 1. Addition in existing furniture, 2. New Product, 3. Improving UX using electronics