Browny (The Robo Dog)

An emotional and intelligent creature which can show love to you and detect your mood and nearby enviroment variables.

Guided by Prof. Mooshir Vahanvati at IDC, IIT Bombay
Group Project, Members : 2

Concept :

  1. Concept was to come up with something interactive for a person who is alone, wants to play with something or don't like real pets.
  2. From here we thought of coming up with different products, and finalized to make a dog like thing which can detect the stuff going around, listen to voices, respond accordingly, bark and wag its tail to show you love.
  3. We chose to work on Arduino Uno as hardware prototyping tool.

    Initiating the Idea

  5. We took a metaphor of real dog, and sketched multiple initial forms.
  6. We then thought of different protyping materials, micro-controllers, sensors and stuff. Prototyping was done in Arduino Uno, using various IR sensors, ICs, Motors, multiple colour LEDs etc. Code was written in Arduino only. You can see the video of Browny's prototype below. (Illustrations are done by Amol Thakur)
  1. Final render of Browny, Blue color signifies that the environment around is not loud, temperature is normal, and there is no person nearby.

    Future Scope

  3. After few more iterations in whole process, we can make add more dimensions to way it respond to things around it. In prototype, responses are very limited, but good sound detection algorithms can make it understand your language too.