Redesigning K-12 Education for Future

Improving and redesigning for (K-12) specifically how History is taught.

Guided by Prof. Sudhir Bhatia at IDC, IIT Bombay
Group Project, Members : 3

Our Hypothesis.

  1. If we improve the activity of exploration and collaboration, establishing the inter-relationship between subjects and thus building the mental model; we can improve the learning in social studies.

    How we proceeded (Design Method)

  3. • Brain storming + Affinity Mapping
  4. • Contextual Enquiry
  5. • Created User-Profile
  6. • Asking big questions and finalizing a specific subject
  7. • Analysis of Current Situation
  8. • Analysis of Problem
  9. • Hypothesis
  10. • Developing Concepts
  11. • Creating Scenarios
  12. • Finalizing Concepts
  13. • User Testing

    Brainstorming + Affinity Mapping

  16. • After this, user study was conducted and a user profile was created.
  1. As we had to design keeping in the mind the context of future (around 2030), we came up with new gestures, new ways to interact with information. We took "History" as the subject and designed to make it interesting.

    Scenario + Solution

  3. A glimpse of scenario + different devices we came across are shown in gallery below.


    How classroom would look like