Hi, I'm Sourabh Pateriya.

The future excites me! I'm a designer with experience in the areas of extended reality, eye-tracking, voice assistant, dual-display device, music and mobile.

Designing for Samsung Bixby - Voice
Worked at Samsung HQ, Seoul South Korea and SRIB collectively and contributed to designing of Samsung's new voice powered digital assistant.
Perform music using SoundVerse AR
SoundVerse is an AR based music performance environment with AR instruments which are MIDI enabled and visual music lenses that respond to music being played. Done as a passion summer project.
AR Experiments
Music Lens - Unity AR Project
Is there a way we can elevate the experience of live performances further by making it more magical, visual and immersive? To find the answers and to explore this area, I decided to work on this passion weekend project and built a proof of concept.
Dual Display Laptop with Eye-Tracking
Intel partnered with Tobii to design a concept device with dual displays. At Tobii, our design team reimagined the value provided by dual displays and came up with a new interaction paradigm to enable productivity.
Tobii Aware - Privacy Mode
78% of enterprise users have surprisingly experienced shoulder surfing during work time. Our design team reimagined the ways to provide users with last-meter privacy through user ID recognition and automatic presence detection to blur and lock screens.
Human Connector
Light Waves - Hackathon
As part of a hackathon organized by Universal Music, Stagecast and Telia, we built a way for the audience to interact with the live lights show in the room. We were awarded the best project.